Monday, November 20, 2017

Poison Pixies

It turns out that I do have some stitching I can share this week, as the second set of Nora Corbett models I stitched was released last week. This is Angel White Trumpet:

And White Clover:

A couple of fun facts about these: when I received them they were called Pixie Weeds, so Poison Pixies is a fun change from that, and I look forward to seeing more in the series. Also, when I sent the picture of the completed White Clover in, Nora decided that she wanted to change the Kreinik that was used in the wings. While it wasn't fun frogging all that Kreinik, it did make a big difference and the wings look much softer and prettier now. Here is how she looked before the change:

I should be able to finish the first of the next two models this week, and hopefully the second will be done by mid-December.

Wishing those in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving this Thursday, and everyone a great stitchy week!


  1. I love that dress on white clover <3

  2. Love the Angel White Trumpet, yet another one to add to my must stitch list. x

  3. These are so pretty.
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Gorgeous! I really like White Clover quite a bit. You did fantastic work :)

  5. Poison Pixies is a much better name for the series! What a difference the Kreinik makes. I do prefer the lighter version.
    Looking forward to seeing what others she adds to the series.

  6. Those are very pretty! I bet frogging stat Kreinik was no fun, but the changed version really looks better.

  7. Gorgeous pixies! It was interesting to see the changes made to Clover's wings. Your efforts were worth it as I think she looks so much nicer with the paler wings. Her skirt is gorgeous!

  8. Oh, they are so lovely! I do like the change in the wings, it does look softer.

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