Monday, June 1, 2020

No models in the house...

...for just over 48 hrs!! Last Wednesday I finished a Rosewood Manor model, which I mailed back on Thursday morning. Spent a little time basking in the feeling of freedom, then received the next model from Karen on Saturday afternoon--that was some short-lived basking! However, there's no deadline on the new one, and Karen knows I won't be starting it until I finish the Wichelt model that should be coming later this month, so it's all good.

I've been catching up on house and yard work, but I've also spent some time starting Princess Elliana for myself:

I changed my mind on the fabric again and went with a piece of PTP Crystal DaVinci Belfast. It's similar in color to the recommended Peaceful Purple linen, but has some patches of orange that I think will go really well with the yellows/oranges in the dress. Hoping I have most of the month to work on her before the Wichelt model arrives.

Carolyn Manning's Daily Temperature SAL is still progressing; can't believe we're now into June!

In non-stitchy news I am happy to report that Roxie has continued to lose weight at a really good pace, and might actually reach her goal weight within the next couple of months. When we took her in on December 31 she was 58lbs:

By February 21 she was down to 49.9lbs:

And by May 6 she was down to 39.2lbs. I don't have a picture from that day, but here she is as of this morning:

Originally we had said she needs to lose around 30lbs, which would put her at 28lbs. When she goes in for her thyroid recheck we'll have the vet assess her and tell us the goal now that she's closer to being the right weight. She has so much energy now, she's like a different dog!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Go, Roxie, go!!! What an inspiration! ;O)

  2. Love that DaVinci fabric.
    Your temp SAL is looking sweet.
    Roxie looks graat, what a difference, & better health wise for her.

  3. I had to go back and read about Roxie <3! How lucky she is to have you look after her now and making sure she finally has a good life. I have a beagle too and the pictures of her being obese really broke my heart. So happy she's doing much better now <3.

  4. Elliana looks great, I think I will have to stitch her too some day. And Roxie really does look much better now! Hope she'll be at her goal weight soon <3