Sunday, October 21, 2012

Couldn't help myself...

...I HAD to finish the Lizzie*Kate piece with a border! The color in the middle just didn't seem to go that well with the two other colors, and the whole thing just didn't look "finished" to me, so I whipped up a border while I devoured season 5 of "Mad Men" on DVD (I still have four episodes left to watch today!).

I used Thread Gatherer's Silk'n Colors "Piccadilly Circus" to stitch the border, as I thought it drew all of the colors together a bit better, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out:

NOW, I have to get back to the model I'm supposed to be working on!

I also received a picture of my last Holiday fairy from Jill Rensel, which is "Miss Independence" (aka Halloween Fairy color conversion):

I'm kind of glad she was last one to be done, as I think she might be my favorite. The first four pieces are on their way back to me, with an expected arrival of Wednesday; that will be one awesome package to open!

BTW, if you are interested in having the conversion, I have it posted on the Mirabilia Stitchers Yuku board: Miss Independence

Happy stitching!


  1. Your Halloween stitching looks even better with the border!! I love the purple / pink colours ☺

  2. Wow Melanie. The border you put on the Halloween piece is gorgeous. What a great job you did on designing it. It really finishes the piece. Love the red dress on fairy. Do you mind we asking what she charges to frame each one.


    1. I sent you an email Linda; LMK if it doesn't come through. :)

  3. I wish our framers would offer mats like that instead of plain simple straight ones.

  4. Miss Independence is beautiful! You did a wonderful job on the border of the 3 L*K bonus designs.

  5. Great job with the border on the Lizzie Kate Halloween piece. The border really brings it together.

    Your Miss Independence fairy looks beautiful framed :)

  6. Congrats on your finish, and the border you've added is just perfect for the design!!