Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More fun with silks

As an extension to yesterday's post, last night I finished up the bonus design from Very Scary, Part 2, using a color called Eden Valley:

While I like the color, it isn't particularly Halloween-y, so for the third design I'm going to use Kathmandu, which is very Halloween-y! Now that I've come this far, I think I'll just work on that today, and hope to finish tonight or tomorrow.

Speaking of Halloween, last night I received a picture of my Halloween Fairy framed by Jill Rensel, and I LOVE it!

Now she only has Miss Independence left to do, and I am almost feeling sad that I won't get to see anymore after that! As I told Jill, I guess I'll just have to send her some more pieces!


  1. Your L*K bonus designs look great stitched together like that! Halloween Fairy looks wonderful in her new frame and mat! The colors are perfect.

  2. Halloween Fairy is looking amazing and the LK's look great too.

  3. Your halloween piece looks great. The fairy is awesome and I love the frame and mat.


  4. Oh, those silks are just yummilicious! Kathmandu is gonna look fab on black.

    Once again, Jill did an awesome job. Beautiful Halloween Fairy!