Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Miss New Year's Eve Fairy is framed!

Here she is, in all her sparkly glory:

This is one of my favorite fairies; the colors and her dress are so pretty, and I love the clock she's holding.

Every time Jill sends an email with a picture, I feel like I'm getting a Christmas present; I even try to scroll down slowly, to savor the "opening"! ;D And I still get to anticipate seeing my Christmas Elf Fairy, Halloween Fairy and Miss Independence Fairy (my patriotic conversion of Halloween Fairy); so much to look forward to!

Judy Odell should be receiving the pieces of "Shelley's Jewelry Box" today; she mentioned that she would like to have the assembly instructions out in time for people to be able to make this as a Christmas gift, so stay tuned to her board and/or blog for further updates.

I decided to skip working on part three of Lizzie*Kate's "Very Scary" until I finish the current model for Karen. I would really like to have it done before the Door County Stitching Retreat, so I can pick out something really awesome to take with me that weekend. I just received the Valdani silks for Rosewood Manor's "Flowers of Rosehall", so that has been tempting me lately... ;)

Stay tuned for more framed fairies; I know I'm on the edge of my (stitchy) seat!


  1. Wow! She is gorgeous. It's no wonder you're so excited to see the final products...Jill's work is fantastic, as always! Can't wait to see the others :)

  2. The framing and matting and stitching is gorgeous! I scrolled down to look at all the prior fairies framed and see that Jill is using a different shaped mat opening every time. I wonder how the next 3 will look! I hope you share a pic of all 7 of them on your wall together!

  3. Hey Melanie
    I don't have an email from you after winning my PIF on my blog
    Email me your address and favorite colours and things :)

    1. Just left a comment on your blog; I sent an email 9/17, but maybe the address was wrong? LMK. :)

  4. Beautiful! Just beautiful. Really like the mattes and frame you selected. Congrats on your framed finish.

  5. hola como estas, necesito la lista de los hilos de esta hermosura uqe isiste, me la podrias enviar a mi correo por favor. choiba22@hotmail.com