Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Santa is outside the house!

I am having a hard time putting Santa's House down; at this point, I'm hoping to finish it today, and THEN I really need to get back to my model! Yesterday I was able to stitch both Santa and the tree, so now I have some snow left, and then the branch and berries below the house:

I probably would have been done already, except for spending the weekend stitching this cute little Valerie Pfeiffer Golfing Chick for Lora, who had asked for someone to stitch it for her on the 123Stitch MB:

My wonderful husband gave me a gift certificate to the gallery where I get most of my pieces framed, so I took Pincushion Fairy and Poppy in, and got them back a couple of days ago. For PC, I chose the same frame as I did for Floss Fairy, but in a different color:

There are several more colors to choose from in this frame, one of which is a green that matches the wing colors perfectly, so I already know what I'll be using for Needle Fairy, when she's ready.

I love the frame I chose for Poppy, as I think the swirls in the frame really complement the swirls of the dress:

So, now I am off to finish Santa's House; check back in a few days and you can see the whole thing. :)


  1. Can't wait to see Santa's House finished. This is one I'd like to stitch! Your framed finishes are gorgeous! Nice work!

  2. Stunning finishes! Love you current prject from CCN :)

  3. Santa's Village looks great. The Golfing Chick is adorable! How nice your framed pieces look!

  4. Great start and your finished pieces are beautiful.
    Great frame choice.

  5. I am loving the Santa's Village. Too bad I can't start mine until next year. :( But I will eagerly watch yours.

    I recently found the valerie Pfeiffer designs, and they are too stinkin' cute!!

    All your framing is stunning (especially Poppy). Someday I'll get something framed and on my wall. sigh

  6. Love the santa's house and your Mira finishes are wonderful