Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A finish for Tailor

A bit over a week ago, I found out that my furbaby Tailor has hyperthyroidism, and today I'm taking her to the internist to discuss our options. After reading about the condition, I was pretty upset, and to top it off I got a nasty cold, so I haven't gotten much stitching done. When I did start to feel better, I decided to start Nora Corbett's "Red Kitten" as a way to take my mind off my worry; I imagined myself holding Tailor as I stitched it:

During part of the time, Tailor sat on the ottoman next to me, so I will always think of her when I see this piece. Here's a picture of my baby:

I also see her when I look at my finished "It's Mine" by A Mon Ami Pierre:

I've had three all-black cats, and probably have 50 charts of black cats in my stash!

Hope everyone is having a great stitchy week!


  1. I hope Tailor is okay. Great stitching.


  2. Sorry to hear about Tailor, hope everything will turn out ok.
    Great finish and tribute, and love the black cat on the pumpkin.
    Hope you feel better soon too.

  3. I hope you feel better and I will keep your furbaby in my thoughts. I have a black Kitty too (and two grey striped).
    I love the black Kitty cross stitches! So cute! ( Reminds me of Tittles)

  4. It's Mine is such a cute chart and a perfect match to your all black furbaby. I hope your kitty comes home soon to sit with you while you stitch!

  5. I hope your kitty gets better soon. (I am reading in chronological order.)