Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another goody from the Mirabilia Minion retreat

During the retreat, Nora allowed us a glimpse into her designing process while she created a pattern for the attendees. She couldn't quite finish it up by the end of the weekend, so the chart wasn't mailed out until the end of last week. I received it this past Monday, and just HAD to stitch it right away to see how it would look--not having a chart picture was kind of neat, as I could see it come to life bit by bit. Here is the finished piece:

It's a beautiful reminder of a terrific weekend!

I've been a bit bad, as I should be working on the model, but between spending hours every day trying to get my landscaping back in shape and then working on this design, I haven't touched it this week. Yesterday I must have spent a little too much time outside in the yard, as I actually ended up with sunburn on my arms; looks really good with my white, glove-protected hands!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!