Friday, May 10, 2013

Too tired to stitch?!

As previously mentioned, I have been spending a few hours each day trying to get our landscaping back into shape after a couple of years of neglect. It's funny, because for the first few years after we moved in, all of the plants were so little that I could get all the work done in a day; not so after 10+ years of growth!

A few days ago, I finally finished trimming back most of the plants, except for several on the west side of the house. Here is the reason I have to wait to trim those:

I don't want to scare mommy (to-be?) away!

So, I then spent two days scraping moss from between the bricks on our patio, and then filling in the cracks with paver joint sand; between the scraping and the sweeping I ended up with some blisters, so now I am taking a few days off before I tackle the weeding that needs to be done all around the landscaping beds.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I haven't picked up the model for over a week, now. I'm just so tired by the end of the day, I can't concentrate on such a big piece. I have spent a little time on a Mill Hill ornament, which I'll take a picture of once it's finished.

However, I do have a bit of stitchy news: yesterday I went to a garage sale held by the daughters of a stitcher, and it was like a true treasure hunt! I won't list everything I found, but I did want to share a picture of a very pretty Santa kit that I bought:

But my most prized acquisition was this wooden DMC floss cabinet, fairly filled with Anchor floss, all for $25:

I am currently trying to stop myself from going back over there today, as I did enough damage to my wallet yesterday! ;D

I'll leave you with a sweet picture of my little Callie O'Malley, catching a bit of morning sun:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. Awww, such a sweet little post Melanie!!! I must admit, you are brave to tackle the garden. I let my husband deal with this :P I'm a real scaredy cat and really don't like any type of bugs!!! Although, I must admit, my peonies are finally coming out and it's always a joy to admit them :) Hope your blister go away soon so you can stitch again. Great finds!! I wish I was in the area! xx

  2. the DMC cabinet was an awesome buy - i am also currently wrestling with an overgrown garden, i think i might start buying minature sized plants, i'm getting too old to manage these big ones!

  3. Please let me know who the designer of that Santa is!! I love stitching Santas, and that one looks like a Mirabilia that I might be interested in trying (they all look so huge and complex and intimidating!!)!! I hope it's a chart I can find! :o)


    1. Courtney, the kit was published by Chapelle Designers in 1998, and is called "VA-35 Kit Santa". At the bottom it says "Kitted by Imaginating, Inc., 404 N. Cleveland Ave., Mogadore, OH 44260, Phone: 800-356-0020" (though, keep in mind, it's from 1998).

      I, too, thought of Mirabilia's "Santa's Magic" when I saw it! I'll probably do this one first, as the stitch count is a nice, manageable 110x120. ;)

    2. I sent an email to Imaginating with a picture of the kit; I'll let you know if they come up with any information.

    3. Okay, it looks like the design is in a book called "Heavenly Cross Stitch", by Marie Barber. HTH!

    4. I'm ordering the book right now!! We should do a SAL! What fabric are you using?!

  4. Yardwork is exhausting, isn't it?
    Always so much to do out there.
    You found some great treasures at that sale.
    The DMC cabinet was a steal! Enjoy it!

  5. so lucky to find that DMC cabinet! and that Santa looks great, well done!
    don't worry about taking a break from stitching, it happens. and it usually comes back as a stronger weave, so get ready! ;)
    give O'Malley a cuddle from me, he's such a sweetie pie!

  6. Enjoy the cabinet!
    I hope all the best to the momma bird and the little ones.
    And stroke that pretty fur of O'Malley! What a sweet cat!