Monday, April 28, 2014

April Just Nan SAL entry

As predicted, a day late. After an amazing Mirabilia retreat, then a nine hour drive, I had absolutely no ambition last night!

My entry for this month is Noella's Christmas Berry, which is one of a set of four JNs that came with a beautiful enameled box to hold the stitched piece. Here is Noella, holding her berry:

Here is the berry, before and after finishing:

I make no claim to having good finishing skills, which is why there will never be a picture of the top of this berry! Gathering the fabric and attaching the bead cap was a bit beyond my limited skills, but other than that it turned out pretty nicely.

So I now have three of the four "enamel box" designs completed, with only Minerva's Mouse left to stitch (Minerva is an owl). Here are Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden, Barnabee's Bride and Noella's Christmas Berry:

I hadn't intended to stitch Noella, but an opportunity arose to trade the pattern for Lady Scarlet's Scissor Roll (which I have wanted for a long time), so I ended up stitching the berry in a couple of days, finishing it on the third day and then sending the pattern out to its new home. And now I have Lady Scarlet's Scissor Roll to stitch!!

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Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. These pieces look so lovely all stitched and finished (with their best sides showing!).
    THis SAL has really given us a chance to see some different Nan designs.