Monday, June 27, 2016

Need a hand (or two)...

...Juliet, that is; I couldn't quite get her hands finished this weekend, but they'll be done later today:

She has a LOT of hair, which took a good part of last week to stitch; it was definitely worth the time, though. The further along I get with this one, the more I know that she's going to be one of my favorites; I'm already fantasizing about having her framed and hanging on the wall!

Speaking of hair, the latest Mirabilia release was Rapunzel, which is now on its way to me:

I've also just received the latest Lizzie*Kate Halloween design, which is a 3-part mystery called Spooked:

I'm looking forward to stitching this one, especially since L*K didn't release a large Halloween piece last year. Her designs are always a fun stitch, with cute motifs and great colors.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Oooh I can't wait to see Rapunzel stitched.

  2. Very lovely. I am looking forward to seeing "Spooky" come to life!

  3. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Congrats on nearly having fingers and on your new acquisitions.

  4. Juliet is so pretty, great progress.
    Love the colors on Rapunzel, and can't wait to see what fabric you pick.
    The LK will be cute.

  5. Excellent update on WAT and love your new stash!

  6. Julie is looking so lovely. I really like the flowers to the sides of her. It's a really classic design.
    Can't wait to see the LK one, I've resisted so far!

  7. Fantastic progress
    She is so pretty and romantic
    You are doing a very great stitching
    I'm thinking to buy Rapunzel :-)
    I adore flowers in her hair. Happy xxx and week end