Monday, July 4, 2016

Halfway point

I think I'm about half done with Wherefore Art Thou, which seems to be a bit larger than it first appeared. Most of the past week was spent filling in the balcony, and then last night I started with some of her purple cape:

Considering that the whole thing consists of little Xs, it's funny how much more I like working on Juliet than I do the background. The background, in this design especially, adds a lot to a design, but I just love working on pretty faces and dresses! But, there's quite a bit of balcony in the lower half, so I'll just have to soldier through it.

Hope those in the US have a happy Fourth of July, and to everyone a great stitchy week!


  1. I agree the pretty faces and dresses are much more fun to stitch :)

  2. Wonderful progress Melanie.


  3. Wherefore Art Thou is looking great.
    She really is showing up more on that pretty fabric.
    She looks so sweet. :)

  4. Hi dear
    You are doing a very great work
    Your progresses on Giulietta are super
    Happy stitching ciao

  5. It's because things are more interesting to stitch when they're not in the background :). She looks lovely :)

  6. She's beautiful! I think the shading on the background is really good and the urns look so realistic as a result. Hope this helps you enjoy the balcony a bit more!

  7. Wow! She is sooooo beautiful!!!