Monday, July 11, 2016

One month in

Today marks one month since I started Wherefore Art Thou, and even though it sometimes feels like I'm hardly making any progress, I guess I must be!

The bottom half of the chart has quite a bit more stitching than the top half, so it will probably take another few weeks to finish. The summer is definitely flying right by!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. I think you're making tons of progress, she looks wonderful!

  2. She is very beautiful and romantic.
    You are speed and your progress is great. Happy xxx.

  3. I think you made a lot of progress.
    I love her hair and the color of her dress.
    Can't wait to see what fabric you pick for Rapunzel!

  4. She's beautiful! There's a lot of stitching in her, I too think you're making great progress.