Monday, May 21, 2018

Back from the framer...for a short time

Last Thursday the gallery called to tell me that my pieces were ready to pick up, so I made it over there about 20 minutes before they closed. There were three pieces, so we unwrap one at a time to check them over, and they all looked good so I took them home. Once I got them home and started to unwrap them it occurred to me as I opened the second one that the two frames should have been different colors--I had chosen the same frame for all three, but in three different colors, green, blue and orange. As the two that were both done in green were Lizzie*Kate designs, I thought I might just leave them as they were, but then I opened Halloween Quaker and it had a green frame as well!

When I chose the frame colors, I went with green for Halloween Quaker, blue for Very Scary (to pull out some of the blue floss in the design) and orange for Spooked (so the mats and frames carried through the colors in the fabric); for all three of them to be in green was just too much green! So last Friday I took the two L*K's back and they will be corrected, hopefully as soon as the frames come in.

In the meantime, here they are in all their green glory!

Halloween Quaker:

Spooked (should have an orange frame):

Very Scary (should have a blue frame):

In other Halloween-themed "news", I finished part 1 of Glendon Place's Spook Town Square last week:

This is going to be such a big, fun design--I may or may not have spent a little time on part 2 this past weekend...

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. What a shame about your LK framing but at least they are putting it right. The Halloween Quaker is stunning and the green frame is perfect for it. Love your newish start too!

  2. You will have a beautiful halloween wall when they are all done. I especially love the Quaker design. x

  3. They all look great, but yes, you should get what you ordered.
    Hard to pick a favorite!
    Great progress on Spook Town.

  4. They do look pretty in green individually, but I agree, together that's a bit too much green!
    The town square looks great, and if I recall correctly the other parts are all much smaller, aren't they?

    1. Part 2 has four of the smaller scenes so it probably works out to be about the same amount of stitching, but there's the thrill of a "finish" four times instead of just once!

  5. Super cute!!! Thank you for joining us at Love to idea, good luck!!!


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