Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Huge Thank You!

I can't thank all of you wonderful stitchers who have posted encouragement to Tanner, both here and on the 123Stitch MB, enough. The first question out of his mouth when he got home from school yesterday was "Did anyone say anything about my stitching?", and he was absolutely thrilled to find that so many people had taken the time to look at his work and comment on it. As soon as he finished reading all of the comments, he sat down and finished up the "A". During the evening he completed the first "N", and then this morning started on the second "N". I will definitely be posting his finish in the near future!

I hope that Tanner will continue stitching in the future, but even if he ends up stopping I know we will both always remember this time, when so many kind people made one little boy feel so special. Thank you all!

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