Monday, February 27, 2012

Two Small Finishes

While I sat and stitched with Tanner for a couple of nights last week, I was able to finish up Just Nan's Pretty Wicked, which was actually on my WIP list! The problem was, I needed something to work on while my mom had cataract surgery on Wednesday, but I had finished all the small, portable WIPs on my list. So, yes, I fell off the wagon again! But only for another little Just Nan Whimzi, Maple Ravens, which I was able to finish up that same night.
I really like these Whimzi designs, as they stitch up quickly and are easily popped into their little frames. I'm already thinking about which one I can work on when my mom has her other eye done next week!

Tanner got part way through the second "N" in his name last week, but didn't work on it all weekend because he was busy playing with friends. Hopefully, he'll get a bit more done this week. :)