Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm so ashamed!

For all my good intentions, I couldn't even make it a month without a new start! I blame it all on Nora Corbett, who has yet to design something that I don't want to stitch, and who keeps putting out new designs on the 15th of every month!

In January she released two new Pixie designs, "Waterlily" and "Ladyslipper", and of course I loved them both. But of the two, Ladyslipper was the one I liked the best, even though the majority of people who commented on them preferred Waterlily. So you see, I  had to start Ladyslipper, because it didn't sound like anyone else would!

Here is what the chart photo looks like:
I started her on January 27, and here is my progress so far:

Her dress has no Kreinik or beads in it, so it is a bit more plain than some of the Pixies. So to add a bit of visual interest, I chose a fabric that has gradations of color; it is Sugared Confections, from Sugar Maple Fabrics, on Belfast linen.

Unfortunately, SMF closed down several years ago, so these gorgeous fabrics are hard to find anymore. Luckily, my stashoholism was in full force during the years she was open, and I acquired quite a hoard of her fabrics! It reminds me of an episode of "Seinfeld", in which Elaine was stockpiling "the sponge" birth control; she evaluated each man she dated for "spongeworthiness". I evaluate each design I stitch for "SMF-worthiness"! You probably have to be a stitcher to understand. ;)

So I will stitch away (guilt-ridden) on my Ladyslipper; I'm thinking she will probably be finished around the 15th of February, just in time for the release of one of Nora's BIG designs!! But no, I will be climbing back up on the wagon, back to my role as the WIP Slayer!


  1. LOL she looks fantastic and you already know I love the fabric :D As to feeling guilty... she doesn't look like she will be lost in the wip pile for years so I wouldn't feel it if I was you :D Can't wait to see her finished..... and just think it used up a fabric and stopped that sitting in a draw or box somewhere :D

  2. Thanks Andie; you actually made me feel better about falling off the wagon! ;D

  3. I'm picking up my copy of Ladyslipper at my LNS today. She was my fave of the two, as well. I don't want to say too much, but someone may be getting a little surprise later this month. (you know I'm an RR addict...)

    You've stitched a ton on her already, and she looks fabulous! Can't wait to see your HD by the 15th.

  4. Lady Slipper is such a beauty that's obivious you couldn't resist her. Nice progress!

  5. You ladies are the best, to not make me feel bad about slipping!

  6. gotta admit I was one that liked waterlily best out of the two ..but now looking at your progress im changing my mind ! cant wait to purchase it now! lol

    1. I live to enable others! ;) The thing with Nora's designs is that the chart photos so rarely do them justice.

  7. How beautiful picture! I am sure you will tame it in no time. (I am reading from the future and I am reading Feb. 2012 at the moment.)

  8. How beautiful picture! I am sure you will tame it in no time. (I am reading from the future and I am reading Feb. 2012 at the moment.)