Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back from the framer...and bummed!

Back on the 9th I took three finished pieces in to be framed, as I had a couple of gift certificates to the framing gallery. The main piece was Lady Alexandra, and then I also took in Nora Corbett's Floss Fairy and Thea Gouverneur's Pansy. After waiting (rather impatiently) for over two weeks, yesterday I was finally able to go pick them up!

The first one he brought out was Lady A, and immediately I noticed that something was "off", as it looked very long and thin in the frame. It turns out, that even though I had asked for two inches all the way around the design (from the outermost part of the design), on the left side the framer had only left about half an inch. So bummed! We checked the order, and it was very clear what I had asked for; the guy was very apologetic, and said they would put a rush on fixing it, but I am still just disappointed.

Anyway, I did get a couple back; here is my Floss Fairy:
And here is my Pansy:

Today I am off to a stitch-in at my LNS, so hopefully I will get quite a bit done on the piece I'm working on. Hope everyone else has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. Lovely pieces. The pansy is so pretty! I am getting a waiting list of completed finishes that need to be framed, but they will get there eventually.

    Sorry to hear about the disappointment, good thing you noticed while still at the framer's.

  2. Well, pooh! I hope they fix Lady A quickly!

    The others are beautiful! I just love your pansy.

  3. Thanks ladies! The pansy was a fun stitch; it's only 70x70 stitches, but it had 71 colors in it!

    And as much as I hated to leave without Lady A, at least I got to see the frame, and know that I love the one I picked. :)

  4. I love that pansy one! You can stitch!