Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moment of Truth

Or as I call it, the Bucket o'WIPs!

I am pleased to announce that I do not have over 100 WIPs! There were 52 in the bucket, and I know there are a few floating around in drawers and stitching bags, so we'll call it an even 60. After much consideration, I have chosen 17 pieces that I will work from this year. The first is still Mirabilia's "Lady Alexandra", which came along pretty well over the holidays:

Of the 17 pieces I chose, nine of them are by Nora Corbett, who remains my all-time favorite designer. The others of hers that I plan to work on are "Charlotte":

"Titania", who had the misfortune of being started right before I discovered the joy that are hand-dyed fabrics, and has therefore languished in the pile for years on her boring Chestnut linen:

"White Christmas":

"Snow Queen" (see, I do stitch subjects other than beautiful ladies!):

Two more of Nora's reindeer (only seven to go!):

The 2006 Christmas Tree:

Nora's adorable "Pincushion Fairy":

And last, but never least, my ruby conversion of "July's Amethyst Fairy":

I really want to make myself finish this one for sure, as I am looking forward to playing with bead colors after the stitching is finished. Unfortunately it has two strikes against it: first, it is not on a hand-dyed fabric (see Titania, above), and second, I made the brilliant decision to stitch the wings with a blend of floss and blending filament. Have you seen how BIG those wings are?! But I am determined to get her done this year.

I'll post my remaining WIP pics in the next day or so, but for now I will close with a picture of an actual finish, my last for 2011. Nora Corbett's 2011 Christmas Tree:


  1. The fabric Charlotte is absolutely gorgeous! What is it?

    Beautiful WIP's I look forward to their progress!


  2. Thanks so much! "Charlotte" is on a color from Sugar Maple Fabrics called Shimmering Nightshade, on opalescent Belfast linen. Unfortunately, the company went out of business a few years ago. It was a real loss, as she had some of the most beautiful colors I've seen.

  3. Stunning WIP's. I also did Titania before I discovered Hand Dyeds. Same with Middy. My mother in law scored those off me and since I love them so much I am going to stitch them again once I find the perfect fabby for both. Titania is what made me fall in love with Nora's designs

  4. Mel, luckily I haven't stitched Middy yet, so she will definitely be on a hand-dyed! I would love to have Titania on one, but I don't think I'd ever stitch her again, as there are so many other Mira's I want to do. :)

  5. All your Mira's are lovely!!! Expecially your conversion of July's Amethist Fairy. Are you stitching all the reindeers in one piece? I'd like to do it myself.

  6. Valentina, thanks so much for all your kind words; it's so much fun to share with other stitchers!

    I am going to stitch at least eight of the reindeer on one piece. I started these before Rudolph came out, so I don't know if there is enough room on the fabric for him. If there isn't room, I'll probably stitch Rudolph on a piece, Santa's Sleigh on another piece, and then frame all three separately and hang them as a group. Of course, I have to actually finish them all, first! ;)

  7. I love your Christmas Tree! Would you mind sharing what fabric you stitched this on?

    1. Thanks so much! The fabric is a Silkweaver solo on Belfast linen, which I thought looked like the perfect winter forest-y background. :)

  8. These are lovely! I love Nora's designs as well. Does she do a Christmas tree each year? I have been out of the cross stitch loop doing quilting now for a long time. Have you stitched the winter queen with the reindeer? I am working on one of the Mermaids and buying my first reindeer. I am not a huge linen fan (old eyes) and am thinking of using Lugana in silvery moon. What do you think?