Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last of the WIPs for this year

As promised, here are pics of the last three WIPs that I am "allowed" to work on this year.

The first is "Percy Pig", which is a Jim Shore (Mill Hill) kit:
Next is another Mill Hill kit, called "Treats Collage":

And the last one is Just Nan's "Pretty Wicked" Whimzi:

However, there has already been a bit of a change since these pictures were taken a few days ago; I have since completed Percy Pig. I had forgotten how much I liked this design, so when I pulled it out to photograph I ended up starting back to work on it. Now he's done!

These little kits have so many beads; the paper ends up quite a bit heavier once all the beads are added!

The only problem, now, is that I would love to stitch the cow and sheep kits that are in this series, but they're not on my list; bummer!

So for now, it's back to work on the model for Karen, with maybe a few hours a week spent on a WIP. Two slain, 18 more on the block!


  1. Percy the pig is so cute - congrats on the finish.

    1. Thanks Vicky; he's so cute that I still want to start the cow and sheep kits!