Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Could this be spring?

I think spring has finally sprung here in NE Wisconsin. The temperature has hit 50F a couple of days, most of the snow in our yard is gone, and I saw my first robin on Easter morning. Even if we get hit with more wintry weather now, it won't be long before the good weather is here to stay.

Speaking of robins, I just finished stitching one on Blue Jeans & Daisies (except for his eye!):

Aren't those Rhodes Hearts pretty? After stitching those, I realized that I am finally going to have to get some reader glasses for the finer needlework; my 45-year-old eyes just can't focus well enough to stitch over-one for any length of time.

Here is the whole WIP:

I'm getting close to being finished with part 1; I picked up part 3 last week, so now it's just a matter of finding the time!

I thought I'd share another picture of my stitchy companion, Sabrina, sitting on the ottoman next to my chair:

If she gets any bigger, I'm going to need a larger ottoman!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Your sampler is coming along beautifully. And your Sabrina is a lovely girl. Looks like she's saying Mother! Pleeeze, stop looking at me and let me rest! She has such a beautiful coat, so much black fur.


  2. I love your stitching!

    I think spring may be appearing slowly here in the UK too - still have snow on the ground, but the sun is shining and the cold North wind is supposedly going by the weekend...

  3. You have had more warmer weather than us here in Waukesha.
    Today it's supposed to reach the 50's though. :)
    Great progress on Blue Jeans.
    Sabrina is so pretty.