Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm in love with this needlework stand!

I have to confess, I've never worked with a needlework stand, as I just didn't see how it would work with the Q-Snaps that I always use in a great variety of sizes. I also flip my pieces over a LOT during the process, both to tie off ends and to check for/fix knotted floss, and I thought this would be difficult to do with the piece attached to some kind of holder. So for 25 years I have worked at a table of some sort: kitchen, dining room, craft room, folding...I've worked at them all.

Well, now I have a stand that I can use and take with me when I travel, and it is beautiful. It was designed by Judy Odell, and she has posted a lot of information in her blog. I just received mine today, put it together in about 5-10 minutes (only five separate wooden pieces) and I'm ready to go!

Here is a picture of the whole stand:

A side view:

The part that holds the "arms" can be set at two different heights (I've got it at the higher setting right now), and can also be set at a large variety of angles to get just the right setting for your own taste:

The two arms at the top can be placed in a several positions, from very close together to far apart:

They can also be angled so that they are further apart at the top and closer together where you're working.

My Witches Hollow WIP is on Q-Snaps that are about 15" x 24", and it rests comfortably on the stand:

When I want to turn it over, I just pick it up and flip it, then place it back on the arms, where the little posts at the bottom keep it in place.

As I said, I've never used a stand before, so I can't compare this one to any of the others out there. I just think that this is a beautiful and easy-to-use stand at a reasonable price. And if you go to Judy's blog, you'll find she's offering this at a discounted price until December 24.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend, and I'll be back on Monday with hopefully my last Witches Hollow WIP picture until the big finish!


  1. Thanks for the write up about the stand. I'm considering getting one. Your stitching looks so pretty!

  2. that is a very beautiful stand, happy stitching

  3. Good luck using your beautiful new stand. It's bound to feel strange at first but I hope you soon get used to it. I don't know what I'd do without my Millennium Floor Stand and two free stitching hands! I look forward to your next stitching update to see how you are getting on. :)

  4. It looks like a great stand.

  5. Thank you, Melanie! I bought the stand as Christmas gift for me..from me. I showed my husband and he said HE was going to buy it ! YESSSSS! I have a Gazelle 2 that I love but, it is for smaller projects and the screws are starting to be stripped because of all tightening it takes to turn over the WIP. I also have a huge Kays (for Chatelaines) that is truly ugly so has to be put out of sight when company comes. This is a like a sturdier Millennium Frame that I don't have to wait forever to buy and finally get from the UK. Judy was a JOY to talk to and I am excited to get mine any day now. Here's to seeing more of your beautiful stitching and ideas this coming year !

  6. Thanks for the write-up on this stand, Melanie! I'm considering getting one to use with my Millennium scroll frame since I can't use it with my System 4 stand. I'm tired of waiting for Needle Needs to have their Necessaire stand for the Millennium frame to come back in stock!

  7. I have one also! It is the best stand I own. I have a Lowery and a System4, but the Just A Stand is by for the best investment! I love love love it!

  8. Just got this stand and I LOVE IT!!!! And the wait for anything from Millenium Is so silly not to mention the high cost of shipping.

  9. I love this stand and am looking for it but cannot find it, I love the bottom. Can you send me the link for it. Thank you in advance! Devora/Mimi

    1. Devora, I don't see any way to send the info to you, so I'll post it here and hope you find it. The info is here (and contains Judy's email, which is how you contact her to place an order):