Monday, December 29, 2014

More Halloween stitching...

...because I didn't get enough Halloween stitching while working on Witches Hollow!

This one is called Happy Halloween:

Actually, I had kitted this one up to start right before I found out I could borrow Witches Hollow; this one then got pushed back. Then, someone posted on the 123Stitch MB that they were looking for this design, and it is apparently very hard to find. It turns out that the designer, Curtis Boehringer, lost a lot of his cross stitch patterns in a fire at his printer's shop, and this was one of them.

Donna, who was looking for it, had seen this picture of it stitched up into an ornament:

She was looking for someone to stitch it using similar colors (the chart only calls for three colors), so I offered to do it if she could wait until the end of the year. I have it kitted up with PTP Haunted and over-dyed threads, and I'll stitch it for myself later; it lends itself to all kinds of color combinations with that border and wording.

I have spoken with Curtis, and sent him copies of both sides of this chart (the other side has a jack'o'lantern sampler). He is planning on starting a web site where his patterns will be available for download, and this will be one of them.

I should be done with this one in a couple of days, then I have a model that needs to be finished. I need to decide what project I'll start for myself in the new year...

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy and stitchy New Year!


  1. It's a cute design. I haven't heard of that designer but will definitely keep and eye out for more of his work. :)

  2. Cute design Melanie. How nice of you to help the designer.


  3. That's a cute little design with a lovely story behind it. Have fun stitching it! :)

  4. Nice design.
    I always liked his Snowmen.

  5. Halloween stitching is lways an option. A very nice project.

  6. I always love how you use conversions to make every pattern ," your own ". I admire you very much. Especially after reading you have stitched all these with out a stand of any kind. I also admire that you have reached the designer of this wonderful Halloween design. I am sure he is so happy and grateful you have sent him copies of his originals lost in that fire. I have a relative who lost everything in a fire many years ago. It changed her life in many ways. When someone loses every thing in a fire, tornado, hurricane, or other disasters it is a horrible sad thing . Please, let all of us know where we can get the pattern for this cute design?

    1. Karen, as far as I know Curtis is still planning on setting up a site to sell his patterns; just don't know when...