Monday, July 9, 2018

A finish and a new start

Last Wednesday I finished another escapee from the WIP bin, Miss Solar Ellipse on Ophelia Belfast by Under the Sea Fabrics:

The timing was perfect because the next day I received Lady Mirabilia, which is Nora's latest release and celebrates her 25th anniversary as a designer of amazing charts. I pulled the threads and went stash diving for a fabric and found a piece of SMF (Sugar Maple Fabrics) Snickerdoodles Lugana that I loved for this:

I started last Thursday, and here she is as of last night:

It's amazing to me that I stitched my first Mira, Villa Mirabilia, over 20 years ago and Nora keeps creating new designs that still speak to me as much as that first one did. Who knows, maybe I wouldn't even still be stitching if it weren't for her designs!

Last week I also picked up some pieces from my framer (including, oddly enough, two Noras!) and dropped off Moss Collector. Here is Nora's Peace Doves (from a book, but currently available for download at Herrschner's):

Miss Lole's Daggerwing:

And Lizzie*Kate's ABC Halloween:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. I look forward to seeing your progress on Lady Mirabilia. I've been thinking about picking her up, but haven't totally decided yet.

    And your framing all looks beautiful!

  2. Miss Solar is awesome, love the colors in that one.
    The new Nora is going to look fantastic on that fabric! Great start!
    Miss Lole's Daggerwing is so pretty, as is the Halloween piece.

  3. Beautiful stitching,as always. I love the colours framing Miss Lole's Daggerwing, they really make the wings pop. x

  4. Your Mira collection is beautiful! I love the fabric you've chosen for Lady Mirabilia and you have stitched so much already. The framed pieces are gorgeous, you're so lucky to have a good framer.

  5. Miss Solar Ellipse is gorgeous, and you made a great start on the new one already! Great new framed stuff too - do you still have room in your house to hang everything, or do you rotate?

    1. I am definitely getting to the point where I'll have to start rotating--either that or get a bigger house!

  6. Congratulations on your fabulous finishes! Beautiful stitching

  7. Another beautiful finish, that was fast!
    Lady Mirabilia is going to be stunning, great start.
    Oh wow, your framed pieces look wonderful! You certainly keep your framer busy.